Let pladoogle Teach You How To Advance Your Business…

Why pladoogle? Results… When you hire a firm to do a job, results should be all that matter. pladoogle clients get real results that deliver unmatched ROI without smoke or mirrors meant to confuse the average digital marketing buyer. Our clients know that pladoogle’s integrated suite of ebusiness solutions is second to none in helping them realize their true online potential.

Leading Edge, Not Bleeding Edge…

Most technology-driven companies are too advanced for their own good; and their solutions don’t translate for today’s business. Not so with pladoogle. As a pladoogle client, we don’t offer you unproven products or ask you to chase shiny objects. pladoogle’s technology solutions are focused on your objectives; and they always make sense for you, your budget and your business.

Solutions That Get Results…

One example of a pladoogle solution that gets real results for our clients is our patented and patent-pending SiteEncore™ product. SiteEncore is an extremely flexible tool designed to increase the key performance metrics of nearly every online campaign – regardless of industry. Just a few of the ways SiteEncore (and now tabfluence) drive results include:

Lead Acquisition: Auto dealers who currently use the frontend and backend lead system from pladoogle receive over 50% more quality sales leads than their websites deliver without the solution. Some dealers, depending on whether their websites utilize proper conversion design, routinely see as much as a 200% increase in net lead counts after adding the technology. pladoogle clients who have a primary online goal of lead acquisition (automotive, real estate, finance, etc.) benefit greatly from the addition of SiteEncore. No need to buy third-party leads, when you can generate them yourself right from your own website.

Impression-Based Ad Revenues: For publishers seeking to increase their ad revenues, both SiteEncore and tabfluence from pladoogle provide additional advertising “real estate” to deliver additional impressions. More acceptable to consumers than an interstitial intro, and virtually undefeatable compared to pop-ups and pop-unders, SiteEncore can deliver any page on the Internet, underneath any website, using any browser – and SiteEncore delivers all of this as a full page. By using tabfluence, these incremental pages can be delivered in the existing tab and on virtually any device – including mobile.

Awareness: pladoogle clients seeking to increase their brand awareness utilize the SiteEncore and tabfluence technologies to drive online visitors to web pages that detail their brand’s unique advantages. This is just one way pladoogle helps clients reach their branding goals without breaking their marketing budgets.

Behavioral Targeting: pladoogle clients wishing to drive targeted messages to in-market customers can use SiteEncore’s or tabfluence’s Behavioral Targeting to focus on those consumers more likely to purchase specific products. Instead of blowing their entire online marketing budget on behaviorally targeted, but never noticed banner ads, pladoogle clients use SiteEncore and tabfluence to generate specific messages underneath their websites based on where a consumer clicks on the site; delivering a highly targeted message at just the right time.

One Final Chance to Engage: For pladoogle clients offering big ticket items (travel, automobiles, real estate, etc.), or highly competitive/commoditized products, using SiteEncore or tabfluence as a “Last Man Standing” allows them to ensure that theirs is the last website considered by an online prospect. In the automotive space, this aspect of SiteEncore drives an average of 30% of site visitors back to the dealer’s website for a second look.