Advanced Solutions To Advance Your Business…

pladoogle’s inventive suite of online solutions allow you to reduce cost and boost productivity while giving your team time to focus on the important aspects of your business. Pladoogle’s solutions create real value for your business by applying cost-effective technology in a turnkey fashion for you and your team.

Although many of these solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, we also offer many off-the-shelf alternatives that deliver results without breaking the bank. Let us help you dominate your industry by adding pladoogle solutions to your online offering: Advanced Solutions To Advance Your Business, including:



When a prospect submits an e-lead to your dealership, does your team spring into action, strictly following your processes, and get the customer on the phone so they can set an appointment that shows and buys?

Or, do your e-leads sometimes end up in a black hole?

The PLADOOGLE AUTOMOTIVE MYSTERY SHOP is a full, 30-day or 7-day, in-depth review that grades both the quantity and the quality of your email AND voicemail messages to prospects.

Increase your internet sales today by dramatically improving your team’s internet sales effectiveness with the first REAL mystery shop product for Automotive Internet Sales!


If you’re tired of earning CPMs of less than a dollar for your remnant inventory from national ad networks – GET LOCALand you long to drive sustainable revenue from the more lucrative local market advertising – tabfluence is for you.

If you’re a typical local media company (newspaper, television, radio) you know that roughly 2% or fewer of the businesses in your market currently advertise with you. Interestingly, these same businesses think nothing of paying Google more than $3 per visitor to create awareness of their brand. Let us show you how tabfluence will ignite a renewed interest in advertising with you in your local market.


drive real advertiser value

Your advertisers will be so pleased with the unprecedented and 100% measurable results they receive from the patented tabfluence product that they will never want to give up their current pages and will be clamoring for more. Contact us today to discover how you can start delivering full margins through pladoogle’s full page advertising.


daily deals

Nearly everyone has a Daily Deal and/or online coupon advertising program to offer. The question we have is simple: Is your Daily Deal offering getting the traffic it deserves? With tabfluence, you can ensure that virtually every website visitor is exposed to your Daily Deals in a way that entices them to actively participate. Even those visiting your mobile website!

Got Classifieds? Better question: Got any traffic to your online classifieds? Contact pladoogle today to let us show you how to expose your online visitors to your classifieds section without interrupting their browsing session.


today's classified adsMost print publications have failed to create online/offline ad packages that do more than just cut margins for both channels.

How would your sales team react if you offered an online advertising product that would create so much demand (at a full margin) that pairing it with an offline product (also at a full margin) was simple and seamless?

The demand for full page advertising through tabfluence has been unprecedented, with publishers reportedly selling all of their tabfluence inventory up to a year in advance.


build consumer awarenessAt pladoogle we help our clients create a consumer appetite for what they have to offer by building awareness campaigns for specific areas of their website. Are you delivering a media property with a wide array of content, but subject to a narrow focus from your online visitors? pladoogle’s website awareness solutions will serve up your untouched – though often higher margin – content to website visitors in a nonintrusive manner; increasing awareness and creating a more engaged consumer – one who spends more time on your site interacting with more of your content.



Regardless of your industry, sales leads harvested organically from your own website close at a much higher rate and deliver a greater margin than those you acquire from third parties. If online conversions are important to your business, you’ll want to ensure your website is performing at optimal levels. pladoogle’s organic lead acquisition solutions can cost-effectively increase your website’s current quality conversion rate by 200% or more. As with all pladoogle solutions, our organic lead acquisition tools can be customized to blend with your overall online promotional strategy.