Industry Leading Solutions To Advance Your Business…

Our strategic focus is to help our clients apply the best solutions, products and processes available to maximize their online effectiveness. Successfully crossing industry boundaries, our state-of-the-art solutions aren’t saddled with being specific to just one industry. We assist our clients by driving their online execution that leverages their unique strengths and provides results that matter – and, that keep them ahead of their competition.

Here are just a few of the industries where our strategic solutions provide value and drive results:


From ecommerce and sales consulting to products and solutions that increase search visibility and generate superb first-party leads, pladoogle helps automotive dealers, manufacturers and vendors get the most from their online strategy. At pladoogle, we bring our automotive clients solutions and products that have been tested and proven to be the best in the industry.

Traditional Media

pladoogle helps traditional media leverage the power of their online properties to replace lost advertising revenue and drive consumer awareness campaigns. At pladoogle, we build value for our media clients by helping them leverage additional revenue streams, all while delivering exponential results to their advertisers.

Web Publishers

From maximizing conversions and increasing impressions to delivering turnkey revenue-driving solutions, pladoogle helps publishers and webmasters supply their clients with state-of-the-art products without additional development or staff. At pladoogle, we genuinely understand the unique needs of publishers, so we built our webmaster solutions with them in mind.

Real Estate

pladoogle’s suite of online Real Estate products and solutions helps brokers and agents increase online conversions and search visibility. At pladoogle, we understand the challenges these businesses face, so we designed a first class suite of products available at bargain pricing.

Advanced Services To Advance Your Business

pladoogle not only provides an advanced suite of products and solutions to advance your business, we also deliver industry-leading services from one of the most exclusive boutique sales and ecommerce consulting firms in the US. From medium-sized businesses to large, pladoogle’s expertise can help you navigate the waters of the World Wide Web and dominate your competition.


automotive sales and ecommerce

From large single-point dealerships to mega-dealer groups, pladoogle provides custom-tailored, comprehensive consultations to meet your needs, including:

  • Analyze your overall business and assess its online potential
  • Identify and solve process issues to improve conversions and sales
  • Provide search visibility testing and SEO/SEM services and/or training
  • Assist you in creating a fully-customized Internet BDC or sales center
  • Develop a unique ecommerce process and strategy
  • Assist with technology provider selection, design and implementation; including delivering an effective RFP
  • Develop ways to increase the quantity and quality of Web traffic
  • Design and deliver sales and ecommerce training

For the automotive OEM, pladoogle provides assistance with overall sales training, ecommerce strategy and vendor selection in support of each manufacturer’s Tier II and Tier III online marketing execution. From providing an effective user interface to implementing proper conversion design strategies to employing successful and efficient search marketing campaigns, pladoogle’s team helps progressive OEMs bridge the gap between their high-funnel researchers to the dealer’s low-funnel shoppers, all while maintaining a clean, consistent branded message to all consumers.

For automotive ecommerce vendors wishing to become better partners with OEMs and dealer groups, pladoogle provides consultation and advice covering your entire product lifecycle. From product ideation and launch through the growth, maturation and saturation phases, let pladoogle help you maximize your distribution and return.


ecommerce consulting

pladoogle is a full-service, yet boutique, ecommerce consulting firm with solutions designed to drive your business. The pladoogle team assists your team with all of your ecommerce needs, everything from Internet strategy and product ideation to requirements definition and product launch. Allow us to help you:

  • Define and implement an effective ecommerce strategy
  • Develop products and processes to drive increased conversions
  • Deliver an improved user experience
  • Maximize your internet marketing
  • Develop effective and efficient SEM campaigns
  • Create compelling content designed to maximize search visibility
  • Design and develop an effective website