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We mystery shopped over 400 dealers for our study on how well dealers respond. Read our White Paper here!

We mystery shopped over 400 dealers for our study on how well dealers respond to e-leads. Click the image above to download our free White Paper now!

Your internet sales process starts with one goal… One. That goal is to drive a reconnection with the non-responsive prospect… and, not just any reconnection. You need your emails and voicemails to drive a phone call. The fact remains that dealers simply cannot set real appointments that show and buy via email; and they can’t set them from letters, either.

Your team must get the prospect on the phone!

Your emails and voicemails must compel your customer to call or text you so that you can set the appointment that will show on time and buy!

There are two options for you to choose from with the PLADOOGLE AUTOMOTIVE MYSTERY SHOP. Our original shop is a full, 30-day, in-depth review that grades both the quantity and the quality of your text messaging, email AND voicemail messages to prospects. (This shop is conducted once per quarter.)

Our 7-Day PLADOOGLE AUTOMOTIVE MYSTERY SHOP covers all communications your team sends during that critical first week and is conducted once per month. 

Increase your internet sales today by dramatically improving your team’s internet sales effectiveness with the first REAL mystery shop product for Automotive Internet Sales!

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  • We all know that it’s critical for your team to respond quickly to internet leads. Study after study has proven that the seller who responds first to a customer inquiry lands the deal more often than their competition.

    So, how quickly does your team respond? (The answer is: You don’t really know!)

    Because of pressure from the OEM (or even the Dealer Principal), nearly every internet team in automotive today has become experts at “stopping the clock.” Simply put, stopping the clock on an internet lead is the practice of:

    1. Claiming a phone call attempt has been made, when one has not; or

    2. Sending a poorly-edited email to the prospect that does nothing to drive a connection.

    For most dealerships, either of the two actions above will “stop the clock” in the CRM and appease the OEM and/or Dealer Principal. Of course, both of these actions create a false response time that is often used as a basis to compensate your internet team.

    It’s time to determine your team’s REAL RESPONSE TIME!

    With a PLADOOGLE AUTOMOTIVE MYSTERY SHOP you’ll learn your team’s real response time; because we don’t count emails and we don’t count hang ups as a valid first response. Every PLADOOGLE AUTOMOTIVE MYSTERY SHOP includes a working phone number that records your team’s real phone responses and tracks your team’s REAL RESPONSE TIME.

  • Did you know that over 1/3 of America’s dealers don’t make a single call to an internet prospect even when they have a valid phone number? That’s right; our groundbreaking 2015 Mystery Shop Study showed that 34.2% of all dealerships that received a valid phone number from the prospect never bothered to make a single call attempt.

    Moreover, the 406 dealers in the study averaged fewer than two calls each within the first 30 days of receiving the sales lead.

    Of course, it’s not all bad news. One out of five dealers attempted five or more calls over those 30 days. It’s this 20% who are succeeding and growing with their internet efforts; while the other 80% are just treading water.

    Which group is your team in? Are they leading the industry with their voicemail efforts or are they too afraid to even pick up the phone?

    If they’re brave enough to pick up the phone, are they using an effective talk-track when they leave a voicemail? Are they even bothering to leave a voicemail?

    The fact remains that calls from dealerships and unknown numbers end up in voicemail more often than not. Most dealers report that their sales calls go to a prospect’s voicemail between 80 and 90 percent of the time. This is why it’s critical that your team be ready to leave a voicemail – every time – and that they use an effective talk-track that creates interest in the prospect and generates a call back.

    Unlike every other internet sales mystery shop offering, the PLADOOGLE MYSTERY SHOP doesn’t just grade the first email response and response time. No. In fact, during our extensive, 30-DAY REVIEW we listen to, grade and provide feedback for every single voicemail received.

    Voicemails are critical to driving a connection. Don’t leave your team’s performance to chance.

  • Studies show that about 75% of those who submit an internet sales lead – and eventually buy – take more than 10 days after sending in their request before they actually purchase a vehicle.

    What is your team saying to these prospects on Day 11? Day 15? Day 30?

    For most dealers, you’re either relying on the stale, ineffective email templates that came with your CRM tool; or your team has been “freelancing” and creating their own stale, ineffective templates. Either way, your emails are doing you more harm than good. (Plus, when your team freelances, they often create emails rife with spelling and grammatical errors that make you appear incompetent to the prospect.)

    The goal of every email you send must be to drive a connection (preferably a phone call). Moreover, every email you send must provide something of value to the prospect – or they’ll end up ignoring you, and often reporting you as a spammer to their email provider. (Not a good thing.)

    It’s time to be certain that what you’re sending is (A) Helping you drive a connection; and (B) Presenting your dealership in the proper light – every time.

    With the PLADOOGLE MYSTERY SHOP you can be sure your team is following the industry best practices for email responses – and that they’re doing so for the long term; not just on the first day. You see, our mystery shops are different. We read, grade and make suggestions for improving all of the emails your team sends over the first 30 days.

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With each Pladoogle Mystery Shop, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing your team’s efforts, their scores and a plan for improvement.

Mystery Shop Reports

The cost is surprisingly affordable to have the experts at Pladoogle shop your team four times a year. By spacing the mystery shops out every three months (in the case of 30-Day Shops) or once per month (in the case of 7-Day Shops), we allow your team time between the shops to implement the suggestions and make the improvements we detail in the reports. Additionally, we provide you with an unbiased look at your team’s efforts and give you the tools you need to easily track their progress.


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Although there are often as many as 8 other dealers competing for the same internet customer, there can be only one winner. Shouldn’t that be you?